Saturday, January 30, 2010

I SAID "Danger Ahead"!

By all accounts the meeting Friday between congressional Republicans and President Obama in Baltimore was a boon to both sides. The president looked magnanimous, courageous, and thoughtful. And, at least to my mind, the GOP came off somehow as the governing party in Washington in spite of the fact that the Democrats still retain substantial majorities in both houses.

Wonderful. Three cheers for bi-partisanship! Drinks all around!

Be careful, be very careful. The problem with this kind of success is that it forecasts exactly the "danger ahead" to which I was referring in my post by that title of a few days ago. While I have no doubt many, most even, elected Republicans will resist President Obama's charms, and the likely rhetorical move of his party to the ideological center of American politics, I do retain, however, serious doubts about a few. Unfortunately, it will only take a few who, as a result of the rising political pressure, cave. Their caving will give the President and the Democrats a win and saddle the country with another huge dose of big-government liberalism, saving us only from a very huge dose of big-government liberalism. Some victory that.


  1. Oh Sage! "...magnanimous, courageous, and thoughtful"? Really? I must disagree. My impression was arrogant, condescending, and cold.

  2. OK, OK, maybe I was a bit too magnanimous myself. A big word for a big heart.

  3. The last comment was from the Sage's spouse, and NOT the Sage!