Thursday, January 21, 2010

Promises to Keep

With all the celebration, hand wringing, finger pointing, and furrowed-brow analysis surrounding Scott Brown's remarkable victory over Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts senate seat, most of us forgot to note the passing of the first year of the Obama Administration yesterday. We also forgot to note with that passing the breaking of one very huge campaign promise. In case you were wondering, Gitmo is still open.

What should we do? Should we mockingly point out at every opportunity that it is indeed still open? I can remember the Democrats taunting President George H. W. Bush after he foolishly gave in to their demands and raised taxes, thereby breaking his equally huge campaign promise. Should we damn Obama with feint praise about the wisdom and courage he has demonstrated in changing his mind about the utility of the island prison facility? Or should we just keep our mouths mostly shut and be thankful the murdering thugs caged there, are still caged there and not here? Can we do all three?

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