Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Halfing the Double Standard

As the case for global warming/climate change continues to collapse, Charlie Martin over at PajamasMedia reports that Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is calling for the Obama Administration's Department of Justice to investigate whether or not what he calls "the greatest scientific scandal of our generation" involved criminal activity as well. He has also called for bringing former Vice President Al Gore before the Senate to defend himself and his movie, of which, Inhofe says, "every assertion has been rebutted."

While most conservatives are more than happy to witness the public discrediting of environmental extremists and their all too often crazy policy prescriptions, Senator Inhofe's demand for a criminal investigation will no doubt make some extremely uncomfortable. "This is what THEY do!", I can hear them protesting. "We've complained for years about the criminalization of policy differences and now we're expected to participate in the same process?" They needn't worry as there is absolutely no chance the Obama Administration, nor the congressional Democrats, will ever act on the senator's demands. But the episode does raise once again the question of how conservatives should play this game. For those of you who follow this blog, you know I've tackled handling the Double Standard here before. And, without apologies, here I go again.

First, just in case you can't see the Double Standard at work here, try to imagine an alternative universe in which the sympathies of all the relevant players were reversed. (It's hard, I know, but try.) Is there any doubt the Obama Administration's Justice Department would have already appointed a Special Prosecutor and the Senate Democrats would have months ago formed a select committee armed with subpoena power to investigate? Seriously, is there any doubt?

So, in light of that undeniable truth, what should we do? Should we refuse to engage? Should we, rather, proudly stand on principle and silently hope that over time, even if it's a long time, the people will eventually recognize the ugly game played over and over again by liberal Democrats and punish them accordingly? My answer is that while this strategy may succeed in preserving our integrity, as well as protect us from that admittedly uncomfortable feeling of dirty hands, the cost to the country in the meantime will remain intolerably high.

Or, should we, like Senator Inhofe in this case, fight back with exactly the same weapons they bring to every political disagreement, major or minor? I'm with the good Senator from Oklahoma. I'll say it again, unless and until we establish something like political Mutually Assured Destruction, this fight for the soul of the country will never be fair. And I'll say this again as well, in anything like a fair fight, our ideas will never lose.

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