Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Count Me In

I received a letter from the government in the mail the day before yesterday informing me that I would be receiving also the census next week. Besides being annoyed that tax dollars were wasted on this utterly unnecessary preliminary letter, I was also disgusted by the suggested motivation for my prompt completion of the form: To be sure to get my fair share. What have we come to?

Anyway, even before it came I had been thinking about how and whether to answer many of the questions that are frankly nobody's business. Mark Krikorian on "The Corner" at National Review Online has a great suggestion for answering question #9 about ethnicity. If you're as tired as I am with the color counting that is done, and it's done mostly just for the purpose of dividing the loot, then let's make this a movement.


  1. You betcha! (That's my Sarah Palin impersonation.)

  2. Can "red, white, and blue" be a single color selection on there? Those are the only colors Im interested in.