Friday, March 19, 2010

In a Less Than Pacific Mood

From a very great (but oh so glorious) distance it appears that far too many in the GOP have allowed their opposition to the health care bill to be reduced to mostly complaining about the unseemly process employed by the President and the congressional Democrats . In doing so, they are in danger of not only looking like petulant whiners, but, more importantly, losing the higher ground upon which they should be making their stand.

I'll agree the process has been ugly. And the ugliness of it should be something of which the GOP reminds the public routinely. But it is the substance of this initiative that is most objectionable. This bill would be wrong even if the process of passing it were as clean as a grade-school class election. It would also be wrong even if, as Mark Steyn likes to say, Bill Gates agreed to foot the entire bill.

It is wrong because it does nothing to enhance health care and very little to improve its delivery to those who currently receive it problematically. But it is mostly wrong because it is an affront to liberty. God help us if we, as a country, have moved to a place where such an affront is not by itself enough.

Now, where's my sun tan lotion?

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