Monday, May 10, 2010

Dig This

I have a good friend who owns a small but successful landscaping business in South Carolina and he confirms every aspect of this article. Even closer to home, my wife works at a small clothing store and she reports that people routinely stop by to ask whether or not there are any job openings. There are none, which of course they know even before they ask. You see they don't really want the job, they just want to fill the square of having asked so they can continue to draw unemployment. They're very upfront about this with her.

Only a liberal will be surprised by these anecdotes. Surprised because he naively thinks the average Joe above such behavior. Or surprised because he contemptuously thinks the average Joe simply too stupid to play the game in this fashion.

When a real job pays only marginally more than either welfare or unemployment compensation, what fool would take it? Well, this fool would. But our numbers are dwindling.

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