Friday, June 11, 2010

BaRock 'n' Roll

Speaking of music, Rolling Stone, of all magazines, has just released a lengthy expose criticizing the Obama Administration's handling of the Gulf oil spill. Evidence of the Left, facing real crises, abandoning their ideology, not to mention their uber-president, for common sense solutions? Not a chance.

The most revealing part of the article, if you can make it that far, is found in the last paragraph.
President Obama pushed to expand offshore drilling, in part, to win votes for climate legislation, which remains blocked in the Senate. The political calculus is understandable – the risk of an oil spill weighed against the far greater threat posed by global warming – but in the end, he may have succeeded only in compounding one environmental catastrophe with another. Even if the climate bill is eventually approved, the disaster in the Gulf will serve as a lasting and ugly reminder of the price we paid for our addiction to oil. "It was a bargain with the devil," says Steiner, the marine scientist who helped lead the response to the Valdez disaster. "And now the devil is gloating." (my emphasis)
The far greater threat posed by global warming!? These people are certifiable. If the GOP can't make record-breaking headway against this crowd this November, the leadership ought to be taken out in the street and,...and,...well, let's just say they ought to be replaced with more competent leadership.

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