Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Great Reckoning, cont.

Has the Governor been reading this blog? No matter. Rising GOP star, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie delivers yet another pitch perfect speech to an increasingly convinced N.J. electorate. You need to watch it. Note that he uses the term "reckoning" throughout. And he seems to mean it in the same way I do.

In our collective national journey, we have finally arrived at a fork in the long, winding road where we simply have to choose. Faced with such a choice, the emotion we might anticipate experiencing is one of fear. But it's not. Rather, that which we are experiencing, and somewhat surprisingly, is relief. Why?

We have come to a place where Truth confronts us. No matter which way we turn, Truth is there, looking us square in the face. We cannot escape it, nor should we wish to. For men and women of goodwill, Truth is a friend. Embrace it.

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