Sunday, June 20, 2010

"They're baaaack!"

For some reason, this struck me as funny. It's from a conservative Australian publication and, as you can see, the burden of the piece is about keeping the heat on the presently discredited, but still stubbornly insistent, global "warmers".
The global warming movement is in heavy retreat in every Western country. But, as we have learned from the rise of leftist leaders like President Obama and Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, modern collectivists are resilient. If they can recover from the collapse of Communism, they can certainly rebuild the environmental movement. Now is not the time to celebrate, but to press home the exposure of their bogus claims and hidden interests.
The comparison with Leftists is what tickled me: "If they, 'leftist leaders like President Obama', can recover from the collapse of Communism..."

It does seem as though nothing less than a silver bullet or a stake through the heart will stop these undead bloodsuckers, doesn't it? Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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