Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Graham Crackers

As expected, Elena Kagan's nomination for a seat on the Supreme Court was approved today by the Senate Judiciary Committee. While the votes for and against her fell almost without exception along strict party lines, the lone defector was, sadly, pretty much expected as well. Making not a whole lot of sense, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham explained his vote for Ms. Kagan.
What's in Elena Kagan's heart is that of a good person who adopts a philosophy I disagree with, she will serve this nation honorably, and it would not have been someone I would have chosen, but the person who did choose, President Obama, I think chose wisely.
What a disappointment this man has been as a senator. After achieving national attention as a member of the House Judiciary Committee recommending the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, he won in 2002 an easy victory for the Senate seat once held by Strom Thurmond. While he made many South Carolina Republicans nervous with his new friendships in Washington, John McCain and Hillary Clinton, for example, as well as with the policies he championed, Gang of 14, closing Guantanamo, amnesty for illegals, etc. (the "et ceteras" keep growing), he was nevertheless reelected in 2008, and by an even wider margin than in 2002.

But that was then. I'm not sure of his plans, but if he seeks reelection in 2014, he'll doubtless face a serious challenge from within the party and, as things stand, he'll lose. The Republican party of SC, the party of Jim DeMint, has lost its patience with Lindsey Graham.

It's a shame too. When he wants to be, he's a very articulate spokesman for the conservative cause. But it increasingly appears he doesn't want the job. In fact, it appears he's growing ever more content to, effectively, raise his middle finger not only to the cause, but to his party and to the people of SC who elected him. They'll have to wait a few years, but they'll return the gesture in due course.

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