Friday, August 13, 2010

Clinton on Cue

Does Joe Sestak have a blue dress?

When it comes to running the country, the Obama Administration sure has looked amateurish of late. Still, as they were able to elect an Illinois neophyte to the White House almost two years ago, one thought that when it came to playing hardball politics they were seasoned veterans. I'm not so sure anymore. Perhaps they're too clever by half.

When they decided last year that they wanted Democrat Representative Joe Sestak out of the race for the Pennsylvania Senate seat currently held by Arlen Specter, who better to deliver the message and lure him away from his candidacy than former President Bill Clinton? If the whole gambit blew up in their faces, they knew the man they had dispatched had a long and, if you're a liberal Democrat, distinguished record of dissembling, lying, perjuring, suborning perjury, and obstructing justice. They knew also that he did these things without conscience and, mostly, without consequence. They don't call him "Slick Willie" for nothing.

So, are these headlines and this story any surprise? Almost as if he planned it, the former Prez has now denied, or sort of denied, or denied enough, or denied just enough, everything.

BUT! There's a problem.

Clinton's, uh, story, is inconsistent with the White House's version.

So what can they do now? Call him a liar? It's impossible to shame the man. Plus, drawing too much attention to the issue will only look like confirmation of what everyone knows anyway. That is, they tried to buy Joe Sestak off.

Clinton owns them now and both he and they know it. Can we guess what he wants for a tale that will mesh with theirs?

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