Monday, August 23, 2010

Crocodile Tears, cont.

On second thought, was this crocodile born on American soil? But then New York's a sanctuary city, isn't it? Whew! All is well.


  1. To harken back to an earlier entry- would it be possible for New York to use eminent domain to halt the building of the mosque?

  2. Huh? Whazzat got to do with this poor little crocodile? Have you no empathy, shed you no tears?

    OK, OK. I'm not sure about the technicalities of the law, but when did that ever stop a liberal? So, the short answer is that even if they can, they won't.

    First, if, instead of a mosque, it was a Christian church planned for the site, the necessary permits would already have been denied. In fact, in a manner, they've already done as much. You've heard about the Greek Orthodox church that was located nearby?

    Second, if it was a commercial enterprise of some sort that was competing for the right to the site, an enterprise they could then tax, they might feel some pressure to exercise eminent domain and stop the construction of the mosque. But in this case, their ideology trumps even their desire to raise ever more revenue to fund ever more government.