Monday, August 30, 2010


You've no doubt heard this story by now. That's right, unlike the evil Bush Administration that preceded it, the current U.S. Government intends to demonstrate that it is determined to take the defense of human rights seriously. To that end, the State Department has reported to the United Nations that the country has filed suit against its own citizens as they have democratically, but still outrageously, passed laws the nature of which the world just might disapprove. I'm referring of course to Arizona's "controversial" anti-illegal immigration enforcement law.

If this weren't so sick and sad, in the Bizarro World of the Obama Administration it might almost be funny.

It occurred to me that this Administration and the liberals who populate it just might need to create a new category of citizenship altogether. That is, unlike you and I, who as mere citizens must obey the laws or face the consequences of failing to, illegal aliens could better be labeled super-citizens, quite literally above the law and not subject to it at all.

God help us.

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