Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There is No Substitute for Victory

After her unbelievable comments suggesting the investigation of those opposed to building the mosque at Ground Zero, expect leading Democrats to use an alibi in defense of Speaker Nancy Pelosi that goes something like this: "Look, she's a ditz. I mean, c'mon, can't ya tell? You can't take what she says seriously."

Don't fall for it!

Oh, she's a ditz all right and for the life of me I never understood why her Democrat colleagues elevated her to the prestigious and powerful position of Speaker of the House. But they did!

If it wasn't clear before, it is undeniable now: Their agenda is not only un-American, it is also disastrous, hideous, and what now cannot be denied either, tyrannical. There is no other option. They must be defeated.


  1. Sage,

    Aren't you a little over the top today? Tyrannical? Both sides are constantly calling for investigations of the other side; it's part of the criminalization of American politics. Unfortunately, the blame is bipartisan.

  2. Maybe, probably, but I was really angry.

    Keep in mind, however, several important

    (1) Democrats do this routinely, reflexively. Republicans far less so. Even now you have more than one Republican who thinks that what Charlie Rangel is accused of doing is just not all that bad. Even those who want him out, you will rarely if ever see on TV pounding their fists, demanding his immediate removal.

    2) She's not calling for just the investigation of the GOP leadership, which might be passed off as an example of hardball politics. Rather, she accuses any and all citizens who oppose the mosque.

    (3) The whole incident has already been more or less forgotten, if it it was even mentioned, by the press. Tell me, honestly, had Newt Gingrich made the same comment, would it be "old news" in just two days?

    This "a pox on both their houses" judgement is not only unfair, it won't stand up to a fair assesement of the facts. Plus, it simply won't do. Like it or not, we are engaged in a great civil war, as such, I, for one, and I'm not alone, will not forswear the use of any weapon at my disposal. The stakes are simply too high.

    Finally, insofar as the Left pursues and privileges the illusive, the impossible, goal of equality over liberty, they NECESSARILY embrace despotism, soft and hard. When the Speaker of the House, an unapologetic Leftist, suggests an investigation into the spending habits of the average American who happens to disagree with her over an issue of public interest, that sounds alot like tyranny to me. If it's not, or is not yet, I still want to do all I can to stop it, to discredit it, before it gains traction.


  3. I should have said "we are engaged in a great civil war for the soul of the country." Either way, we're in a fight and when the other guy's already swinging, you don't plead for reasonableness, you swing back...hard.

  4. I'm no admirer of Pelosi. And I think you are absolutely right - - the ACLU and other civil libertarians should be up in arms, and the media and various bloggers (other than the Sage) should be going nuts over this. However, I do recall conservatives calling for investigations of ACORN's funding, most of which was private (I know, they did receive government funds). And I also know that simply mentioning ACORN will produce a 'Harrumph' factor that will be audible as far away as Rhode Island.

  5. I was hoping I'd get another response from you sf. I'd like to mention that ACORN was accused of corrupting the electoral process through, among other things, the voter registration process, but I won't. It's just good to hear from you.