Thursday, August 19, 2010

What DOES Iraq mean?

With the last American combat brigade pulling out of Iraq, Victor Davis Hanson offers a few short reflections on what our experience there means. It's worth a look.

I'll add a couple more to his list:

1. It demonstrated to those inclined to think otherwise, and to count on that thought, that the U.S. was no "paper tiger". With the right leadership, this country was prepared to risk blood and treasure to defend and pursue its interests.

2. The Democrat Party remains incapable of providing that leadership. Oh, as Hanson points out, the Obama Administration was just smart enough to abandon its ridiculous plan to pull out willy-nilly once they assumed office. But it would never have developed a serious strategy in the first place, nor displayed the fortitude to see it through had they done so. The American Left simply cannot be trusted with the foreign and defense policy of this country. (Heck, they can't be trusted with much of anything, but this is about Iraq.)

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