Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The View from this Angle

Thank you Joy Behar.  Thank you so much.

After Ms. Behar's on-screen tirade calling Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle a "bitch", Ms. Angle sent her a nice flower arrangement with an accompanying note of thanks.  It seems the incident served to increase Ms. Angle's campaign coffers by at least $150,000.

But it served to do more than just that.

What Joy Behar, John Stewart, Bill Maher, et al, can't quite seem to grasp is that with every snide, sarcastic, and mocking response to the very existence of people like Sharron Angle and their involvement in politics, they further inspire that involvement, they further reveal how very far from the mainstream of American life they are, and they further cement in the hearts and minds of their targets the determination to defeat them.

So, again, thank you Joy.  And do, please do, keep talking.

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