Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roger That

In an interview with The Daily Beast, FOX News chief Roger Ailes reveals that he thinks President Obama is different from the rest of us. “He just has a different belief system than most Americans,” says Ailes.

Technically, I suppose, he's correct.  Obama does think differently than most Americans.  Unfortunately for us, however, he thinks exactly like almost every other liberal Democrat, only more so.

Take, for example, former Clinton chief of staff  and Obama transition team chief John Podesta.  Reflecting on the results of the "shellacking" Obama and his party took during the recent election, Podesta counseled not humility, but rather for the president to "push the country to a better place."

While "push", shove, force, demand, etc., is not the language, and certainly not the thinking, of your average American, it's actually quite familiar when it comes from the mouth and mind of a liberal Democrat.   

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