Friday, November 19, 2010


This summer Virginia Senator James Webb penned an op-ed piece disagreeing with his chosen party, the Democrats, over quotas and racial set-aside policies.  Now, as the first of the terrorists has been convicted on but one of the more than 280 counts for which he was charged, Webb posts on his website another convenient article, this time one that distinguishes himself from his liberal colleagues on the wisdom of trying terrorists in US civilian courts.  Can you say "I'm up for re-election 2012"?

Senator Webb left the Republican Party in 2006 in an opportunistic fit.  He knew then that, of the two parties, the GOP was the one seriously struggling to fight the war on terror, even if he did disagree with many of President Bush's policies.  He knew then that the Democrats had, almost from the first day after 9/11, irresponsibly, cynically, and unforgivably used the war chiefly as a political wedge issue, and often as little more than a campaign punch line.

He knew then and he made his nest with them anyway.  Now, he must lie in it.

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