Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FCC Power Grab

"FCC Approves Plan to Regulate Internet"

I think this story is hugely important but not because it involves serious First Amendment issues of freedom of speech, or even because it may further harm the still struggling national economy.  (And not even because it, once again, demonstrates the rank hypocrisy of liberal Democrats.)  Think about it, by a narrow one-vote margin, three, count'em, three unelected bureaucrats have just decided US law...and we ain't just talkin' about the speed limit on the interstate.

In a more virile era, small "r" republicans across the nation would have immediately recognized this abomination for what it is and demanded a stop to it.  In such an era, the legislative power would have been jealously guarded by the legislators themselves and never, never, relinquished in its entirety to an administrative agency.  As it is, our legislators either obsequiously rooted for the FCC to begin regulating or did little more than petulantly stomp their feet while at the same time wring their hands hoping it would not.  This is disgusting.  This is embarrassing.

I posted some time back about my concern that the men and women we elect today seem to be missing something, missing, that is, the "personal motives", that James Madison addressed in Federalist #51, necessary to protect their office.  Instead, they seem  far too willing, because they are content, unconcerned, lazy, weak--I don't know, you tell me--to simply relinquish their power, and the duty that comes with it, just so long as they retain the perquisites of office.

If none of this really bothers you, then just wait.  Kathleen Sebelius, or whoever follows her, will soon be telling you precisely what is and what is not acceptable health care.  When you complain, count on your congressman just shrugging his shoulders.

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