Monday, December 6, 2010

Shocking (Yawn), Ain't It?

Heard about the controversy over the "artsy" video of a crucifix crawling with ants that was exhibited by Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery?  Maybe?  Heard that they removed it?  Maybe again? 

That's the point of Eric Ferlton's near perfect reaction to the, uh, reaction, or subdued reaction, or non-reaction to the whole episode.  What happens when the work of artists, who too many believe their very raison d'etre is to transgress, becomes banal?  It would appear that over the course of the last century they've upped the ante so many times, that they've finally run out of ante, or paint, or dung maybe.

As pleased as I am to learn about the sad plight of the world of modern art, I do still worry about the rest of us.  Does the shrug of our shoulders mean we are now beyond good and evil as well?   

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