Monday, February 14, 2011

"Garçon, garçon!"

This little piece is priceless.


  1. Love the piece! Sadly, it seems class/decorum can hardly be taught to those who were raised in an environment where these were never modeled. I'm certain there are exceptions, but for these people the perception that senior adults, those in positions of authority, etc. have earned the right to be treated with deference escapes them. Worse yet, they may even consider it a feather in their cap to take them down a notch, as though it somehow elevates their own status. Then again, it may just be self-absorption and plain old bad manners. Either way, it's incredibly unattractive. Barbara Boxer made herself look like a complete ass, and that's about as nicely as that can be said. She doesn't seem to have had even enough class herself to be embarrassed.......

  2. Thanks Lavender. I may be being overly partisan, but I sincerely cannot believe that had the party representation been reversed, this would ever have happened.