Saturday, March 12, 2011


With some polls showing that support in Wisconsin for Governor Walker has dwindled to less than 50%, others that the American people are generally on the side of "labor" in the larger implications of that dispute, and others still that they will blame a government shutdown mostly on the GOP, there has been predictable nervousness and fidgeting within the Republican ranks.  They must be encouraged to hold the line.

Why?  Well, I'll tell ya why.

First, nothing succeeds like success.  The GOP has the votes to call the shots and this stand will bear considerable fruit over time.  (Forgive me here and elsewhere for mixing way too many metaphors.)  And time, electorally at least, they have.  The next election is not for 20 months. 

Second, the Democrats are prisoners to the demands of the various interest groups that define their party.  As things stand, those demands are not only incompatible with each other, they are also incompatible with sane, much less sound, fiscal and monetary policy.  If they, nevertheless, somehow manage to wrest back just enough political power to pursue the mindless hodgepodge of policies necessary even to attempt to meet those demands, it WILL result in the collapse of the American economy.  It will also result in a decisive end of the Democrat party as it is currently constituted.  In this tragic sense anyway, this stand for the GOP is win-win.

Third, the Democrats will not go down without a fight, and a vigorous one at that.  As a result, the Republicans should not expect landslide victories, nor be disappointed by narrow ones.  The Democrats are a party that represent the disparate interests of constituencies that have one very powerful thing in common:  an addiction.  They share an addiction to the idea that they are somehow entitled to the fruit of another man's labor, if not their neighbor's, then at least their neighbor's children and grandchildren.  No addiction is easy to overcome and while in its grip, one cannot be reasoned with.  Moreover, for an addict there is simply no such thing as honor.  Oh, they're going to fight all right, and the GOP should not be surprised by it.
Fourth, all of this must be seen in the larger context of the Great Reckoning.  You may not be interested in it, but it is definitely interested in you.  Stop fearing it and start embracing it.  You will have the advantage of embracing the truth and the very simple truth is that WE'RE BROKE!

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