Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Man Bites Dog

Finally conceding the obvious, that we're broke, the editors of The Washington Post of all people take the Democrat Party to task for demagoguing once again the Medicare solvency issue.
Democrats may be feeling smug about their campaign against the House Republican budget plan, and as a matter of politics, they’re no doubt right. If the goal is to deal with the long-term fiscal challenge, though, the Democrats’ political success is apt only to prolong the gridlock and make the eventual solution that much more painful.
Of course, their liberal DNA simply will not allow them to deliver such a message neat and clean, so, reverting to form, they manage to take a few shots at Republicans nevertheless. 

But, on balance, this is a very hopeful sign.  Like the swelling waters of the Mississippi, our financial position is such a dangerous fact even they can no longer ignore it.

The Great Reckoning continues.

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