Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yours, Mine, and Mine Too, cont.

It occurs to me that I need to say something more about Ms. Warren's comments. (Read'em again in my previous post.)

While, yes, it's true that we all together paid for the roads we drive on, the fire and police departments that protect us, our workers' education, etc., the key difference between the rest of us and the successful businessman Ms. Warren is targeting in her rant is that that businessman, that entrepreneur, after paying his share for our common roads and more, took some or all of what he had left over, plus whatever extra he could raise from investors who thought he had a good idea, each  understanding that there was a very real risk that his idea might not work and that he and they might lose everything, nevertheless put it to work and built a business that produced a good or service many of us wanted or needed, a business that provided, as a result, real livelihoods for those same commonly educated workers.

The difference between Ms. Warren and me (and I pray you too) is that I want to encourage this fellow, pat him on the back, cheer him on, thank him even for what he's risked and accomplished and provided for us all.  She, instead, wants to deliver to him a sermon about how his success is not really his at all, that, in fact, a goodly portion of it, she, as a representative of the state and with the power of the state behind her, intends to confiscate and put to whatever use she thinks best.

It apparently never occurs to simpletons like Ms. Warren that if her philosophy wins the day, that same fellow, and thousands more like him, might just as well calculate from the very beginning that, you know, it's just not worth it.  He has, after all, already paid his fare share.  Meanwhile, all the good and services and JOBS that he could have delivered will be lost.

People like Ms. Elizabeth Warren, and there are far too many of them in this country, most of whom call the Democrat Party home, make my blood boil.

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