Sunday, November 13, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?

Christopher Hitchens, bravely battling esophageal cancer, wonders engagingly, albeit silently, or nearly so, about losing one's "voice".


  1. There is something sadly ironic about Hitchens losing his voice. For as long as he's been widely known as a spokesman for the "New Atheists," he has used his voice as a weapon. This has often taken the form of belittling people of faith for what he argues is their abandonment of reason, insteading clinging to myths and crutches, signs of weakness. We can only pray that he will have a change of heart. Surely God has cracked harder nuts.....

  2. As for his atheism, I've always thought that "he doth protest too much," and therefore continue to hope. He's not dead/silent yet.