Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Dirty Business

What was predictable was that the Super Committee would under perform.  What was not predictable, however, was this headline and story: "Blame Game Erupts as Hope for Deficit Deal Fades"

If the past is any indicator, it was much more likely that the GOP members would try to take the high road and thereby leave it to the Democrats to frame the story about the committee's failure.  And can there be any doubt as to how they would frame it?  Something or other about Republican intransigence, sympathy for the well-heeled, lack of same for the poor and unemployed, etc., etc., etc..

Now the fight over who's to blame can begin in earnest and winning that fight, or at least making a good show of it is absolutely crucial, crucial for the coming election and even more so for the future of the country.

Call it the low road if you wish, I call it trench warfare and although it's always dirty in the trenches, it's still necessary.

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