Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's All Part of the Agenda

I couldn't help but shake my head the other day when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke forcefully for the advancement of homosexual rights worldwide.  In her speech before UN delegates assembled in Geneva to mark International Human Rights Day, she said that "Some suggest that gay rights and human rights are separate and distinct, but in fact they are one and the same."

As I say, I shook my head, but I wasn't surprised.  Let me put it this way: Can you imagine Secretary Clinton or anyone from this Administration making a similar case at the same forum for the advancement of the right to religious liberty, especially Christian religious liberty?  For heaven's sake, in the name of multiculti sensitivity these people tip toe around everything that might even possibly be offensive to anyone, save, of course, a conservative American.

Anyway, I came across these two short paragraphs by S.M. Hutchens in the latest issue of Touchstone magazine.  As its subtitle says, it's "A Journal of Mere Christianity" and I highly recommend it.  (I think I've mentioned it here before.)  I'll let Hutchens' comments serve as a response of a kind to Secretary Clinton, as well as a warning to the rest of us:
What assertive homosexuality wants of Christianity is something it can never have.  The movement for rights it claims have been denied by traditionalist societies is not the deepest part of its quest, which is for approval by those who regard it as sinful--which is at root approval by God.  It cannot place high value on the approbation of "welcoming" churches, for it understands perfectly well that liberal religion, with its vaunted inclusivism, has no more moral authority to gratify it in this regard than a prostitute has to absolve her patrons.  So the public homosexual is in the impossible situation of seeking approval in places where he can only find forgiveness, among those who are obliged to tell him, "It is written...." 
This insistence fixes him in frustration and anger against those who hold to biblical religion, and may be relied upon to assure development of justifications for the punishment of the illiberal religious wherever homosexualism wins the power to do it.  Attempts to incarnate itself in society can only be destructive to its religious enemies.  It must be firmly opposed by those who do not wish it to do as it will in their culture, their governments, their schools, and their homes.

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