Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Anti-Mormon Dodge

I'm watching the returns from the South Carolina Republican Primary, which it appears Gingrich will win handily, and I've noticed something peculiar about the reporting and the responses from "Establishment" Republican talking heads.

Out of nowhere, the "Do you think Romney's Mormonism was a factor?" question has come up from some of the reporters.  And from "Establishment" Republicans has come the dodge, "Oh, I hope not."

Both the question and the answer are of course intended to suggest just the opposite.  That is, too many of the GOP rank and file are anti-Mormon bigots and, therefore, Gingrich's Palmetto State victory is illegitimate, or at least questionable.

If, despite the SC loss, Mitt Romney goes on to win the Republican nomination and faces President Obama in the general election this fall, and then trails the president in the polls, you can be sure you'll never hear this question or anything like it from anyone in the elite media.  Or, if you do, you can be even surer that the talking head who answers the question will effectively feign shock, shock I'm telling you, that anyone would even suggest such a thing.

As they say, politics ain't beanbag.

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