Friday, March 23, 2012

They Can't Help Themselves...

...but they should be ashamed nonetheless.  Trust me, they won't be.

I'm referring to liberals and race-baiters across the fruited plane, this time for politicizing the terrible shooting death of the black youth Trayvon Martin in Florida a few days ago.

Feigning impatience with the legal process, they are using the unfortunate episode as a convenient backdrop to make whatever political point it is they want to make, explicitly or implicitly, about this country, about racism, about gun laws, about the police, about the GOP, about conservatism, about the 1%, about white people, you name it.  They include of course all the usual suspects and more:  Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton (I swear he already sounds like he's speaking with a bullhorn in hand), MSNBC's Karen Finney (would someone please tell this nitwit that "Barack the Magic Negro" is a parody of a tag given him in 2007 by black columnist David Ehrenstein and that it did not originate with Rush Limbaugh), as well as, you guessed it, the President himself ("If I had a son he would have looked like Trayvon.")

If there's any saving grace in any of this it's that because all these people are performing exactly as expected, and, as expected, they will be ignored or dismissed as well.

Meanwhile, a young man is dead and we wait still for the truth about the circumstances to emerge.

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