Monday, August 27, 2012

They Can't See It

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson steadfastly denies--despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, mind you--that her paper is guilty of anything like liberal bias.  While one is tempted simply to say "puh-leeze!" and move on, I sense an opportunity here, a teachable moment perhaps.

While much of the liberal bias that describes the elite media is brazenly overt, and increasingly so, I don't doubt there remain still at least a few liberal editors, journalists, broadcasters, etc., who nevertheless honestly believe they are, or at least try to be, um, well, fair and balanced.

I've always thought that ideological bias works something like color-blindness.  Suppose it's someone's job to detect and report sharp and even subtle differences in color.  Suppose also that that same someone is blind to the color red.  While the fact that he cannot see red when it's plainly there is bad enough, what's worse is that he cannot even imagine the color red.

Such are the elite liberal media, some of'em anyway.  Never can they see conservative rectitude, and never can they see liberal perfidy.  When you point it out to them, they squint and simply shake their heads.  They're blind to it.

As I say, that describes some of them.  The rest refuse to see. 

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